It’s taken me awhile to reach the point where I started my business and wrote this note for you.  How come?

As the eldest daughter of first-generation immigrants from Bolivia, I became quite familiar with hard work and the American dream.  Work hard, work smart, go to college, forge your path.

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Leadership Development

Whether you supervise individuals and teams, or see yourself as an emerging leader in your company,

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Conflict Management

I can also work with you on conflict management skills by identifying your preferred conflict management style

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Career Development

Are you going through a career transition of some kind, or wish to envision a future for yourself?

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Work and Life Fulfillment

Do you have a family at home and also strive to build a career?  Managing family and work responsibilities concurrently

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Life Purpose

This is the topic that brought me to coaching in the first place. Have you been wondering lately why you are here, why you were put on this earth? What are you going to do with your life and why?

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Strategic Facilitation

I have designed and facilitated retreats for Federal agencies and small non-profits alike in DC, Thailand Mexico and Egypt.

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Latest News

Introducing the “Spring into 2019” Promotion!

To welcome Spring and to help you THRIVE into your purpose, between now and June 20, 2019, I am offering my Signature Service – a package of four to six coaching sessions in any of my service areas OR strategic facilitation – at super discounted prices!

As a recap, I offer both professional and life coaching, as well as team facilitation for community organizations.  My service areas include:

·  Leadership Development · Career Development ·  Life Purpose
· Conflict Management · Work and Life Fulfillment · Strategic Facilitation

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