As the eldest daughter of first-generation immigrants from Bolivia, I became quite familiar with hard work and the American dream.  Work hard, work smart, go to college, forge your path.  As a newly married twenty-something fresh out of graduate school, I set off to do just that.  My husband and I purchased our first house, I found a job with an international development non-profit organization, and I charged ahead.

Years passed.  I decided I wanted to specialize within the development field and began a second master’s degree in organizational development while working full-time and raising two babies with my husband.  It was incredibly hard, but I did it because I wanted to grow professionally.

During my studies, I became interested in executive coaching.  I found a certificate program in evidence-based coaching at Fielding Graduate University, and decided to enroll.

I fell in love with coaching!  I loved being fully present for my clients, serving as the mirror for them to gain clarity, co-creating a new reality with them, and being a witness to my clients’ growth.  I thrived with each class and client session.  I completed the coaching certificate and the master’s degree.

I found a new job where I could put my new consulting, facilitation and coaching skills to use.  Common themes across clients included finding a balance between work and personal time, managing stress, improving job performance and career development outcomes, increasing self-awareness and relationship management skills, and developing confidence. I love working with my clients toward these goals.

As your coach, I hold the space for you to identify challenges to work on, and accompany you as you envision and implement a future state for yourself, your family, or your career.  I commit to guiding you toward your goals, dreams and agenda.  I commit to gently but firmly holding you accountable if you veer off path or get stuck.  Most of all, I commit to working with you to gain the clarity to move forward. 

This is YOUR life, so take it by the reins and ride like the wind!