Clients and Testimonials

Adrienne Hurst

Senior Technical Advisor, Service Delivery Optimization at USAID, | July 23, 2017

Barbara was my coach for several months as I continued to navigate the institutional culture and opportunities for professional growth at a new position. Barbara helped me design strategies to use to achieve my own professional goals in the organization and serve its mission. Barbara’s feedback was actionable, never vague or theoretical, and this enabled us to have a successful coaching relationship and for me to progress toward my goals.

Erin Milner

Nutrition Advisor at USAID | July 17, 2017
Barbara has been an exceptional career coach. She is very organized and guided me to adjust to my new work environment while sharing valuable resources. Barbara is patient and created a comfortable open space for working through professional challenges. She also had a strategic way of helping me concretely define goals and come up with steps and actions to reach them. I highly recommend her services.

Patrick Wojahn

Mayor of College Park | September 2017
Barbara skillfully organized and facilitated a conversation with immigration service providers and advocates from College Park and surrounding communities. As a result of her efforts, immigration service providers realized the benefits of greater collaboration and coordination of services, established ideas for new partnerships, and developed new working relationships that will enhance the level of services for our area’s immigrants.

Lori Flockton

Artist | November 26, 2012
As an artist I found myself going through an prolonged period of feeling uninspired. I also work outside of my desired field of work. I found myself feeling a deep longing for direction in my life and my art career. I met Barbara through a common interest group that we are both a member of. She picked up on my frustrations and offered her services. Her services were just what I needed, when I needed it. I worked with Barbara for a period of 6 weeks. In that time we worked together to remove creative blocks and uncover a point of direction in my career. I highly recommend her services.